Saturday, October 21, 2017
Welcome to Church of God of North Carolina


From all over the country and the world we traveled to Dunn, North Carolina to the International Headquarters for this 106th International Assembly and to God be the glory! We were met here by the mighty presence of God and He has blessed us as we sat together for the Heavenly Feast of good things. The messages were good and inspiring; the songs reminded us of the goal which is only a little way out there in the future. Our minds were tuned in to the wonderful Holy Ghost who helped us understand that “Heaven Will Surely Be Worth It All”. Our theme this year was from Joel 2:1b “…the day of the Lord cometh, for it is nigh at hand;” This has been sounded for so long that it has lost its meaning to many of those who call themselves Christians and now they are forgetting to watch for Him, but just when you think not He will come. His promises are real and there is no expiration on them.

We would have liked for all of our National Overseers to have been here from the other countries, but we are thankful to have had three of them in attendance. I personally thank each of them for helping us to carry on the business of the Church in such a wonderful way. There was much harmony and peace as we transacted the business of His Church.

We thank all who helped to make this assembly what it was. For those who stayed home and prayed, for those who travelled many thousands of miles, for those who called us afterward to see what happened and for those who were in our midst to rejoice and praise the Lord for His bountiful blessings. If you missed it and would like to come to the next assembly, it will be two years from now and in all probability it will be in our headquarters here in Dunn, North Carolina. It is now time to get ready for our USA National Convention which will convene sometime in 2018 under the direction of Bishop Thurman J. Lowe, our USA National Overseer. Please let him know if you have an idea for the National Convention as to the location or anything pertaining to it. He will welcome your comments and suggestions I feel sure.

See you at the USA National Convention next year.

For Christ & His Church,

John A. Wilkins, Jr.,

International Overseer


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