Sunday, February 14, 2016
Welcome To The Church of God of North Carolina

Two Important Dates For 2016:

Bible Training Institute (BTI) will be held at 217 S. E. Third Street Walnut Ridge, Arkansas July 31 through August 09, 2016. It will only cost you $60.00 with two meals per day furnished on campus. This fee covers book and meals and the fellowship is free. Come and learn what it means to pastor or evangelize with confidence that you know and understand what is expected of you in these positions. Many call the office with questions and I think, “If only you would come to BTI you would know the answers to your questions and be operating your church in full compliance with the International Assembly.” Bible School is designed not to establish us in a new doctrine, but to establish us in The Doctrine of the Bible in regards to Jesus Christ and His Church. We will expect to see you there for this wonderful experience in The Bible Training Institute of The Church of God.

The USA National Convention will be held in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas local church located at 217 S. E. Third Street on August 11 through August 13, 2016.   

The National Overseer, Bishop Rodger D. Tidwell invites all to attend and if you are a pastor or any other National Appointee you are required by the Assembly to attend if at all possible. The National Convention is much like the Assembly used to be when we come together from all over the United States to hear the good preaching, singing and testimonies of our people. We are expecting a large turnout of pastors, evangelist and other workers for this great event and if you miss it, you will miss something very important. Please make your plans now to attend and gather up the good things to help your pastorate or ministry during this year between the convention and the assembly. We are expecting the old time Holy Ghost Anointing and messages like the past as God is getting us ready for the “Last Days” movement and preparing us for the fiery trials and battles of this time.



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