Sunday, July 05, 2015
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Today it has been my distinct honor to have received into the Church by covenant, Brother Ezekiel Zifungo of Zimbabwe Africa. He has been a minister in the Church for many years and is now dedicated to working with us and continuing to preserve the flag of 1933. He will now receive his ministers and their members into the Church by covenant to work and maintain the same biblical standard that the Church of God has kept over the past 112 years. June 13, 1903 was very real to us today as the covenant was received by him and we shouted praises to God. There will be a report later regarding this event and it will be printed in the Banner of Truth Magazine for all to read. Please message him at and welcome him as a new member, English will be just fine.

John A. Wilkins, Jr.,

International Overseer

Today we have added two new ministers to the Army of God who will fight in the battles against Satan with The Church of God. One is from the Philippines and will pastor there and the other one is pastoring a church in Spain as our first minister to Spain. We are so happy for them and The Church of God. If you have someone in Spain that is a member of the Church please contact us at headquarters and we will get them in touch with our pastor there.

The Church of God


2015 Great Spiritual Events

We are proud to announce our 1st and 2nd Term (BTI) Bible Training Institute Classes will be conducted at our International Headquarters, 310 West Edgerton Street, Dunn, NC 28334 beginning August 25 and continuing through September 01, 2015. Make your plans to attend these wonderful classes now! The cost will be $60.00 per student and will include one meal each day and the study book, which is quite a deal. The meals are delicious and the book is full of material that each member of the Church needs to know. If you haven’t been to BTI and you are already in the ministry then you really need to attend this year.

The Assembly Theme for 2015: "...How Do You See It Now?..." Hagai 2:3

Our 105th International Assembly is the next feast on our schedule and it will begin just one day after the close of BTI on September 03 and close on September 05th. The Assembly will convene in our International Headquarters in Dunn, North Carolina. This promises to be the most exciting assembly that we have ever had as we see the coming of Jesus drawing very near with Christians being beheaded, burned alive and desecrated in many parts of the world. It is tough to watch such things happening in areas of the world where I have traveled and to know that it is coming here to North America also. It is time for us to buckle down and pull together as we see the day of the Lord drawing nigh. We need to put down our weapons against one another and take on the love of Christ and be The Church of God of the Bible. Many claim to be His Church, but they are still filled with hate and I can tell you their claim is false, because hate is not part of His Church. Come; join with us for this great feast of things from the Lord. We will select a new International Overseer this year, because our present overseer will terminate in 2016 and the new one will take his place at that time. We are expecting a glorious time in the Lord!

John A. Wilkins, Jr.,

International Overseer

“News From The Field”

We are receiving word from the field that some ministers are giving up their license now and coming with The Church of God of North Carolina. It is not our mission to disrupt the message and services of any other group of people, but it is exciting to see them lay down the new flags for the old one which was given by the Holy Ghost. My goal is to stand for Jesus Christ, the Church and doctrine until all the truth seekers come home and embrace the TRUTH. Our hand is out to all who believe in the doctrine and practices of The Church of God as taught by our former Overseers, Bishops A. J. Tomlinson and M. A. Tomlinson. Their beliefs and practices have been high jacked by the wrong crowd but the remnant is coming back to embrace the TRUTH! Welcome to all new ministers who will depart from error and embrace the old time proven ways of the Lord and His Church.




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John 6:43  Jesus therefore answered and said unto them, Murmur not among yourselves.


April, May, June, 2015 Banner of Truth is now available. Click on BOT Magazine to view.

2015 Convention Schedule for Haiti

June 24 - 28 Haiti's 12th National Convention

October 29 - November 02 Western District Conference

 2015 Convention Schedule for Dominican Republic

December 01 - 5 Dominican Republic Convention

Bishop Dumas J. Michel. National Overseer

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