Saturday, August 29, 2015
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Due to an accident things are not on schedule at the office at this time. My wife and office assistant has broken her right foot in a wrong step at home. She is currently unable to walk without assistance and that makes her unable to do her job in the office. Please pray for her and the work which she normally does to assist with the International Assembly. We will do the best we possibly can do without her during this time so please allow some time for our response if you contact us. The doctor tells us it will be approximately eight weeks before she can return to work and put weight on her foot. The Assembly will go on as scheduled and please come expecting God to bless us and I know He will.

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Today it has been my distinct honor to have received into the Church by covenant, Brother Ezekiel Zifungo of Zimbabwe Africa. He has been a minister in the Church for many years and is now dedicated to working with us and continuing to preserve the flag of 1933. He will now receive his ministers and their members into the Church by covenant to work and maintain the same biblical standard that the Church of God has kept over the past 112 years. June 13, 1903 was very real to us today as the covenant was received by him and we shouted praises to God. There will be a report later regarding this event and it will be printed in the Banner of Truth Magazine for all to read. Please message him at and welcome him as a new member, English will be just fine.

John A. Wilkins, Jr.,

International Overseer

Today we have added two new ministers to the Army of God who will fight in the battles against Satan with The Church of God. One is from the Philippines and will pastor there and the other one is pastoring a church in Spain as our first minister to Spain. We are so happy for them and The Church of God. If you have someone in Spain that is a member of the Church please contact us at headquarters and we will get them in touch with our pastor there.


The International Overseer and all the International Headquarters Staff take this opportunity to extend to all the members and friends of the Church throughout the world a very cordial welcome to this 105th International Assembly. This great feast is scheduled to begin at 9:00 AM the 3rd of September and close on the 5th , 2015 in our headquarters located on Edgerton Street in Dunn, North Carolina. We are expecting a nice gathering of delegates from all over the United States as well as several other countries. It is our desire to bring all of our National Overseers in for this meeting, but it will not be possible due to the extremely high cost of air travel today. Please pray for all of them and some will pay their own expenses to come for this wonderful time in the Lord.

While this will be a very refreshing time for all with many good messages and instructions will be given, but the main reason for the assembly will be to transact business for the Church worldwide. It is not intended to be a revival although we welcome the Holy Ghost in our midst to save souls, heal the sick and do other marvelous work. We will seek God’s guidance to help us to build His Kingdom and His Church. There is much vital business to be dealt with during this time and we want to come with this in mind and in our prayers for His perfect will to be done. This will be the year to select our new International Overseer who will lead us on toward the perfection of His Church in this 21st Century. Our goal is to please God with this selection, not ourselves nor some other man or committee. This should generate in every heart a desire to draw close to the Lord and allow His Spirit to direct us during this time. So we ask everyone to come and help us carry on business for Him as we search for the one that is to carry on in this office for the next 7 years.

The time is very short for this work to be carried out to the pleasing of our God. The Holy Ghost has spoken a number of times regarding this and we must listen to the call of God and hasten our work along as we wait for His return. The politicians are very busy with their work but that is not our work, our work is the government for The Church of God in these “Last Days”. Let us move forward in an unafraid manner as we see the end coming near and the enemy working day and night to deceive many, but God’s faithful will not be deceived. Please come and join with us as we come to worship, sing praises unto God and search for His perfect will for our lives and the operation of His Church. We pray for those who will come by air, sea, car, bus and all other means of transportation to rejoice in the Lord during this 105th Assembly.

International Overseer

“News From The Field”

We are receiving word from the field that some ministers are giving up their license now and coming with The Church of God of North Carolina. It is not our mission to disrupt the message and services of any other group of people, but it is exciting to see them lay down the new flags for the old one which was given by the Holy Ghost. My goal is to stand for Jesus Christ, the Church and doctrine until all the truth seekers come home and embrace the TRUTH. Our hand is out to all who believe in the doctrine and practices of The Church of God as taught by our former Overseers, Bishops A. J. Tomlinson and M. A. Tomlinson. Their beliefs and practices have been high jacked by the wrong crowd but the remnant is coming back to embrace the TRUTH! Welcome to all new ministers who will depart from error and embrace the old time proven ways of the Lord and His Church.




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John 7:27  Howbeit we know this man whence he is: but when Christ cometh, no man knoweth whence he is.


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